David’s Tea Trade Press Interview

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The Tea Trade Interview


Not since the legendary 19th century Scottish adventurer Robert Fortune has a Westerner journeyed to

China to buy tea directly. American David Lee Hoffman speaks about his travels for Silk Road Teas.

“There’s a serious problem in China. China has eight million tea farmers.”

“The solution is to start feeding the soil, it’s very simple.”

“If they have a better quality tea, they will get a much higher price for it, and if they can grow it

organically, they get still an even greater price.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: To study tea cultivation and acquire tea in China’s hinterlands without official

blessings or even speaking the language is an exploit few have attempted since botanist Robert

Fortune immediately after the Opium War. Following sometimes literally in those footsteps, my friend

David Lee Hoffman is another intrepid visionary whose contributions will prove historically

significant, and of benefit, to China and all tea lovers.

James Norwood Pratt

TT`: How did you get your start in tea?

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Gold Medal Tieguanyin

David Lee Hoffman attends a Tea Award Ceremony in China.

Mr. Wei with David Lee Hoffman at a Tea Award Ceremony in China.

Mr. Wei Yu De is from a well-known lineage of farmers who trace their tea farming back nine

generations. In the fall of 1997 at the China National Tea Competition, a panel of five judges

selected Mr. Wei for the title of “Tea King” in recognition of the Tieguanyin that he submitted

for the competition. This award brings great prestige to his family name.

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The Hunt for Jade Spring

David Lee Hoffman in China.

David Lee Hoffman in China.

Reposted from Tea – A Magazine – By David Lee Hoffman –

“Times are changing in China. Each time I return, I’m astounded at the pace at which it occurs. Shopping has replaced the political rallies. Their hip pockets hold not the Little Red Book of Right Thoughts, but the latest digital telephone.”

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The Hunt of the Dragon Well

The Hunt of the Dragon Well by David Lee Hoffman

Reprinted from Tea Talk Magazine

Fall 1994

To Lovers of the Leaf:

There have been so many changes that have take place in China since my last trip. New construction is everywhere and the country is on the move. The economy grew by a staggering 30% last year, and this rapid growth has created problems of its own: pollution, traffic congestion and overcrowded public transportation. All these provide a great opportunity to practice one’s patience, and lacking this virtue would make travel and doing business in China an impossibility.

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